Miss Chiamaka Okoli


A graduate of Accounting (B.Sc.) from the University of Port-Harcourt, an ICAN Certified Professional Accountant and a member of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria.

Her career started in 2008 with KCBC Partners, specialists in Forensic Audit, where she rose to the position of Audit Manager and led Audit teams to Companies whose operations range from Advertising and Logistics to Oil and Gas Services.

Chiamaka Okoli later moved to Mahogany Capital Limited, a Financial Advisory Specialist in Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance & Capital Restructuring and Private Capital Raising. There, she served as Finance Analyst and Chief Accounts Manager and worked in synergy with a team of Financial Advisers on Private Capital Raising, as well as Asset and Financial Management with Gresham Assets Management.


In 2018, PAMO University of Medical Sciences appointed Chiamaka Okoli as a Principal Accountant. Since then, she has been coordinating the Financial, Budgetary Assets and Tax matters of the Institution. Currently, she oversees the Bursary Department with the added responsibility of Treasury Management, Salaries, Pension schedules and Administrative matters.

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