The university library is strategic in the teaching, learning and research of any university. The library supports the objectives of the university by selecting, acquiring, organizing, and providing access to a wide range of educational materials for use by both academics, students and other interested members of the academic community. This has been the traditional responsibility of the library through the years. 

The PAMO University of Medical Sciences Library has both print and electronic resources that are carefully selected, acquired and organised for the benefit of the academic community. As a bourgeoning 21st century academic institution that believes in excellence across the board, the motto of the University, (Excellence for the good of all) is at the heart of its mission.

 The library provides services and resources that reinforce the aims and objectives of the university. The OPAC and other electronic resources powered by a ubiquitous wi-fi connection and a steady power supply make for accessibility from anywhere on the campus.


Vision Statement

To become a foremost medical library that integrates its resources and services in support of excellence in medical education, research and health services.

Mission Statements

In support of the motto of the mission of PAMO University of Medical Sciences Library (Excellence for the good of all), the library seeks to be foremost in driving excellence in medical training for world-class professionals characterised by their core values of knowledge, discipline and humane service through the provision of a top-notch library and educational services, resources, and technologies.


  • To create a collection that is well-rounded in support of the teaching, learning, and research objectives of the University
  • To provide facilities for teaching, learning, and research in support of the mission of the University
  • To select, organise, preserve and disseminate information in support of teaching, learning, and research
  • To provide selective dissemination of information services (SDI) to faculty in aid of teaching and research
  • To provide current awareness services (CAS) to faculty in aid of teaching and research
  • To provide training on the use of electronic resources
  • To facilitate the adoption of new technologies for education
  • To remove all barriers to access to information for teaching, learning, and research
  • To provide a comfortable environment suitable for independent study
  • To ensure effective management of library resources