Our Story

A Center of Excellent Medical Education

The First Private Medical University in Nigeria.

PAMO University of Medical Sciences – Excellence for the Good of All


PAMO University of Medical Sciences is a citadel of excellence in the delivery of tertiary education in the medical and health sciences in Nigeria. The University represents the efforts of the PAMO Educational foundation and its Board of Trustees to make meaningful contributions to the development of medical education in Nigeria. Drawing on almost 40 years of experience and expertise of the PAMO Clinics and Hospitals Group over the years for the provision of excellent medical services and training in Nigeria. The goal of the University in keeping with objectives of the National Policy on Education to guarantee access to quality education for Nigerians, and ensure that the education addresses needs of individuals in the country.

The incentive for the establishment of the PAMO University of Medical Sciences was borne out of the vision of its Founder – Dr Peter Otunuya Odili CON, a former Executive Governor of Rivers State, and the Founder and Chairman of the PAMO Clinics and Hospitals Group which has been at the forefront of the provision of high-class medical care and services to residents and visitors to Port Harcourt and Rivers State for nearly 40 years. The hospital has over the years provided high-quality medical treatment and health promotion services spanning Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Paediatrics to individuals, families and corporate organizations spanning sectors such as energy, oil and gas, power, agriculture, and construction. Dr Peter Odili has long had a vision to take that dedication to excellence to the next level via high-quality medical education for impact on future generations, and as a prelude to Nigeria taking pride of place in global medical tourism.



To be the foremost medical University in Nigeria, recognized locally and globally for quality and excellence in health services, medical education and research.



To provide excellent medical training for the production of world-class medical and health science professionals characterized by the core values of knowledge, discipline and humane service.



PAMO University of Medical Sciences relies on the ethos of utilization of evidence-based scientific knowledge to generate critical questions and form the basis of quality medical care in a most serene and yet dynamic environment designed to inspire a passion for learning, creativity, innovative thinking, discipline, humaneness and ethical conduct in the medical and health sciences.